Major Characters

Master Chief: The last known Spartan in the Spartan II program, Master Chief, or John 117, is a balanced character in Buttshot that can be boring at times, other times cool, and other times a smartass.

Sergeant Major Avery Johnson: This man doesn't know the meaning of "give up", even when Coconut is involved with the situation. He is close friends to Master Chief, and is well-known for making smart remarks. In Buttshot, Johnson is essentially the same character as in the Halo games if not very slightly different.

Coconut: A silly, dimwitted Grunt that was seemingly cast out of the Covenant. Coconut is very stupid, goes off subject nearly all the time, and annoys the hell out of the other characters. He also has a very strange love for Plasma Grenades and "Plazmar Peestols" (he insists that is how you pronounce and spell "Plasma Pistol"). Oh, did I mention he's indestructible?

Commander Reddenblachker: A black and red-armored Elite (who'da thunkit *points at name*) that wishes to track Coconut down for seemingly unknown reasons, other than that he calls Coconut "The Masterpiece". Reddenblachker is just one rank beneath the Prophets in the Covenant's caste system, and he commands a rather small squadron of Elites including a skater Elite, a smarty-pants Elite, and a grammatically retarded Elite. Reddenblachker is highly intelligent, and equally sinister. He could be called a clone of Blake (ARK's villain), other than that Reddenblachker's motives and goals are far different from that of Blake's. Reddenblachker serves as this comic's main villain.

Biscuit: Coconut's odd brother whom also has extraordinary abilities, only different ones. Namely, that Biscuit can transform into anything he can think of, and imitate the creature or object's behavior almost perfectly. Biscuit isn't stupid. He isn't intelligent. He's pretty much your average dude on that one show. I just can't remember the show's name.

And more, but they haven't appeared yet.

Other Crazy Characters

- Cortana
- Commander Keyes

Other Cameos

- Aliens from the Alien series